Our classes cover and supplement the curriculum offered at school. The classes guide students through important concepts to further reinforce their understanding and success in school. Classes begin with three students and balance individual attention with collaboration with peers for enriching learning experiences.

Some Course Descriptions: please contact us for current courses available

Algebra 1 (MS): Students are able to get school math homework questions answered and strengthen their pre-algebra and algebra skills. There will be review of fundamental mathematical concepts and practice with number sense through games.

Biology (HS): This class follows the school curriculum, and will answer questions and review concepts in biology to help students succeed in the subject during the school year.

Geometry (MS/HS): This class follows the school curriculum, and will review fundamentals of geometry to help students succeed in the subject during the regular school year.

Persuasive Writing/Public Speaking (MS/HS):
These courses will teach students how to write persuasive essays/speeches and how to deliver them effectively and confidently. Students will compose persuasive essays and speeches in class. Each session requires students to practice and perform their written work in class. At the end of each semester, students who excel may earn a certificate of achievement.

SAT I Math/Verbal Courses (HS):
Students will practice test-taking skills needed to master the SAT exam. The course will guide students on how to study for the exam, and to strategize for maximum scores. Students will practice problems and receive homework to understand their mistakes and see test patterns. There will be opportunities to take full practice tests.

Intro to SAT I Writing (MS/HS): Students begin to learn how to write SAT I persuasive essays. The class focuses on how to write effective theses and how to support arguments with evidence and analysis.

Private Tutoring
One-on-one sessions where your student will receive the most individualized and unique educational experience
College Prep
We offer classes that guide students towards increasing their chances of acceptance to their school of choice.