The process begins by understanding where your child is, what their needs are, and a brief assessment to determine which program(s) will be most beneficial to reaching their goals. We provide supplemental courses in math and writing which will help develop key foundations for your child’s future learning.

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Class Sessions: consists of 3 or more students and is designed for larger groups and a higher degree of discussion among students, while still offering a good level of individual attention from our teachers and tutors.

Semi-Private Sessions: consist of two students and allows your student to collaborate closely with one other student, while receiving a high degree of individual attention from our teachers and tutors.

Private Tutoring: one-on-one sessions where your student will receive the most individualized and unique educational experience tailored to his/her learning needs whether it is for particular subjects or for homework help.

College Prep: Obtaining a higher education can play a key role for a successful future. We offer classes that guide students towards increasing their chances of acceptance to their school of choice.