“The small class size gives me the attention I need and the step by step walk through of each subject helps me to build a solid foundation for success in the academic field.”
-Tammy, Student, Daly City

“Progressive Education Center proved to really help me with not only my SAT scores, but my overall writing scores too!”
-Allyson, Student, Piedmont

“I appreciate that Progressive Education Center helped my daughter improve over 200 points on her SAT.”
-Gene, Parent, Daly City

“I’m glad that my daughter is happy with this place.”
-Kathy, Parent, Alameda

“The explanation of the teachers made sure that I comprehensively understood each and every problem.”
-Vincent, Student, Daly City

“Patience, conscientiousness, responsibility to improve student’s insufficiency.”
-Parent, Daly City

“I have lots of fun learning. It’s not boring like my school. I started enjoying writing after I came here because I got to write about what I want.”
-Amy, Student, Oakland

“Just do it.”
-Victor, Student, Alameda

“Progressive is definitely a relaxed environment to be in, whether you’re doing homework or studying for SAT’s. The tutors are not only extremely nice, but very helpful as well.”
- Student, Alameda

“My child has been taking writing class with Evelyn for over three years. What attract us to her are her passion for teaching and her love for the children. With her special touch, even kids who do not like writing are learning and improving. One more bonus: if anyone would like to find out raising great kids and getting them into top universities, just talk to Evelyn’s mom.”
-Ying, Parent, Alameda

“I really love the tutoring service here.  It’s easy for me to ask questions and get help.  At first, I thought I might not get anything out of it but before I knew it, my grades started to rise.  My grade started out as  D almost becoming an F, but as I started coming more and more to my sessions, my grade dramatically changed to an A.  I was very impressed.”
-Christina, Student, Alameda

Class Sessions
Consists of 3 or more students and is designed for larger groups and a higher degree of discussion among students, while still offering some level of individual attention from our teachers and tutors
Private Tutoring
One-on-one sessions where your student will receive the most individualized and unique educational experience
College Prep
We offer classes that guide students towards increasing their chances of acceptance to their school of choice.